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Our Process

Inspired Organizing will lead you through a three step process to increase your level of organization and decrease your feelings of being overwhelmed. You will learn how to zero in on your goals for the space, identify your organizing style, and learn how to maintain your system. We can also help you establish a system for downsizing items, supply resources for distributing unwanted items and creative ideas for saving treasures. You need a space that functions for your lifestyle and Inspired Organizing can help you create an environment that brings you peace. 

Our three
step process:

Analyze: We begin with a complimentary 30 minute phone conversation.  This conversation will help us collect your information, understand your project size and scope and chat about how we can best help you with your goals.

Strategize: We conduct a personalized, on site walk through of the space you want to organize,  about 1-1.5 hours. You share your goals for the space, how you want to use it,  and how you need it to function. This is where ideas are shared and a plan for moving forward is made. You will receive an estimate for the work proposed. 

Organize: Any final adjustments are made and  the proposal and contract are signed.  Organizing your space will begin at this time based on your schedule!

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