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How to Create an Elevated Fall Aesthetic

The moment you step on your first crisp fallen leaf of the year, it’s hard not to want to pack away all of your bright, colorful summer decorations and instantly replace them with the cozy, warm and inviting fall pieces that have been packed away for a year. But before you overfill your mantels and bookshelves with bright orange pumpkins and several candles, allow me to teach you a few tips on how to achieve an elevated fall aesthetic throughout your home.

The first mistake people often make when decorating for Fall or Halloween is to use too many holiday specific decorations. Typically, you can get away with Halloween decorations for about a month, however Fall lasts for at least three months. Instead of reaching for the brightly colored jack-o-lantern pumpkin, try using solid colored pumpkins; a few of varying sizes. Think different materials as well - ceramic, metal, velvet or wood. The different textures of similar items will give an overall elevated feel to your space.

In the past, when styling a fireplace mantel, we may have created a cluttered mantel. Such as a leaf garland, several jack-o-lanterns, skeleton figurines, a few candles and maybe a “Happy Halloween” sign. This year, less is more. Try limiting yourself to no more than 5-7 items total on the mantel. Skip the garlands, add a tall single candelabra to each end with a candle and then two or three different pumpkins, Again, using different textures, colors and sizes. This mantel look will last you from September through November.

Instead of using throw pillows that have holiday phrases or specific items on them, try using the same thought process as the pumpkins - different colors and textures. Deep yellows, rich oranges, ivories, plums or olive greens - all will give you long lasting colors for the entire season. By mixing velvets, silks, wools and cotton pieces, your living space will feel warm and inviting but show elegantly. Space and money saving hack: Keep your throw pillows, but order new covers per the season or holiday. Throw pillows can add up quickly, but by ordering new pillow covers, you can afford to switch out themes and colors effortlessly without breaking the bank.

Overall, when decorating for Fall, try to stay away from being so literal and think about how you can bring Fall into your home. If you are able to achieve an aesthetic that matches the Fall outdoors, you have definitely given your home a look that will last the whole season.

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