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Functional Outdoor Patio Design

With summer quickly approaching, backyard barbecues, yard games and late night bon-fires are right around the corner. Is your back patio ready for all of that upcoming entertainment? If not, here are some tips to get your deck or patio ready for the season! We’ll discuss how to create an additional living space outdoors, types of furniture to consider and what additions will make your backyard the place to be all summer long!

When you are preparing to give your back patio or deck a makeover, having a clear vision of what you want your end result to be is crucial. Do you want to allow for more seating? Do you want to create an outdoor dining space? A little bit of both? Either way, furniture is going to be a large aspect of how the project turns out. If you are looking to have more seating, an outdoor sectional is a great idea. A sectional not only allows enough space for quite a few adults, it also is way more comfortable than standard patio furniture. In the event that your outdoors space will have dual purpose, you can still get away with a sectional having the ability to move the seats around to fit your needs. If your space can not fit a sectional, you can go for two oversized chairs (if they swivel, that’s a plus!) and a couple of outdoor ottomans. The ottomans can be used as footstools for the chairs or they can serve as additional seats when guests are over. And just when you think there are no other ways to utilize an ottoman, you can also set a tray on the top and you’ve got a place to eat dinner.

If you are focusing on creating a dining space, choosing a table will be the most important part. If the space allows, try choosing a longer table or putting two tables end to end. If you are tight on space, try to opt for a table with leaves so that it can grow with more guests. Times have changed and you will begin to notice that there are way more options for outdoor dining furniture than the typical glass table and matching chairs that had maybe two colors to choose from. When designing your patio, try choosing a table you like and chairs you like versus buying a whole set. You are more than likely to continue to enjoy your space when you have filled it with individual pieces you like instead of settling on a set simply because you fell in love with one of the components. When you choose individual items, you are also creating an extremely personalized space that will be unique to your backyard.

Once the seating has been chosen, now is the time to truly personalize your space and allow your style to come through. You can create your own theme for your outdoor space or you can tie in the style of the inside of your home with your outside patio as well. Think rugs, throw pillows and a few pieces of decor. Potted greenery or flowers also have the ability to transform your patio. Mounting a TV outside, having a mini refrigerator or adding a table top fire pit to your plan are definite extras, but would completely elevate your deck or patio into a spot that will be used for all of the warm nights to come!

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