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Painting in the Springtime

Spring is often representative of fresh beginnings. Typically, we think of “Spring Cleaning”, but we would encourage you to go beyond that and think of a “Spring Reset”. What area or areas of your home need a little attention? Is there an area that you are wanting to liven up? What better way to do that than with a fresh coat of the paint, instantly giving you that “New” feeling. Not only can it dramatically elevate any area of your home, it is one of the least expensive yet impactful updates you can complete on your own!

Spring is also the time that weather starts to change. The temperature and humidity levels directly affect the application of paint, how the paint dries and the longevity of the paint on surfaces. It is suggested that painting be done in temperatures above 55 but below 75 degrees. This allows the paint consistency to stay constant providing a smooth transfer from brush to surface. When the surface temperatures are a little bit warmer, the paint can properly stick to the surface which leaves you with a long-lasting finished product. When the humidity levels are too high, the paint can have a hard time adhering to surfaces which can result in bubbles and chipping.

Are you having a hard time choosing a paint color that would best fit your space? Distinguished Homes offers Color Consultations for clients who are unsure of how to begin or coordinate a palette for their home. Our professionals will come to the home and will discuss your personal color and style preferences as well as what your ultimate vision is for the space. They will assess the features of the home that we can highlight, take into account the natural lighting to determine the correct undertones needed, as well as provide guidance on how to incorporate your individual style. Painting is a big project and something you want to take seriously. You want to make sure you are doing it right the first time so that money is not wasted and the outcome aligns with your vision. A Color Consultation is one of the least expensive investments you can make to enhance your current living space with an expertly coordinated color palette. In the event that you would like to leave the labor to a professional, Distinguished Homes can confidently recommend local painters in your area for hire.

Whether you are able to tackle an entire painting project from start to finish or you need a little assistance, take advantage of this season to elevate your space with some new paint!

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