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Guide to A Market Ready Consultation with Distinguished Homes

The market is ready for your home, but is your home ready for the market? We’ve seen how a home that is not market ready can negatively impact REALTORS, home sellers and the relationship between the two. No matter how beloved your home may be, you want to ensure that it’s ready to go if you feel it’s time to sell. Distinguished Homes helps sellers get the greatest value out of their house, while also enabling the sellers to move on to the next phase of their lives.

To become market ready, a Market Ready Consultation is the first step in the process. This Market Ready Consultation will cover all the major prepwork a homeowner can do to present their home at it’s very best the first time it hits the market. This consultation will cover: Depersonalizing, Home Staging, Updates and Repairs, Organizing and Cleaning.

Depersonalizing During the consultation, our experts will suggest the removal of all personal photos and keepsakes from view. When buyers are touring the home, they will want to envision themselves living in the space. They will be trying to picture themselves, their items and their families in that home. If the home seller’s family photos, knick-knacks and other personal items are left throughout the house, the buyers may have a difficult time viewing the home as their own.

Home Staging

Staging is not always bringing outside items into a home. The removal of excess furniture, the proper placement of furniture and an ability to utilize the home seller’s items in different places of the home can go a long way. During situations where additional items are needed or in the case that the home is near vacant, items are brought in to warm up spaces, brighten dark corners and downplay areas of the home that should not be focused on.

Updates and Repairs

While conducting a thorough walkthrough, our consultants will be pointing out areas in the home that are in need of repairs and/or updates. We will be looking at whether the carpet needs to be updated or if the color of the walls needs to be neutralized. Making sure that all light fixtures match and are cohesive throughout the home, suggesting any modern updates that should be made and pointing out any drywall repairs needing to be executed are just a few examples of recommendations our consultants can offer. Home buyers appreciate knowing that the home is up to date with basic repairs and is move-in ready.


When preparing for the market, the sellers may still be living in the home during the process. Closets, pantries and shelves should be kept tidy and organized. Buyers will be opening almost every door and the goal is that whatever they see behind that door is aesthetically pleasing and not off-putting. While it is understood that the sellers may need to keep daily life necessities in the home, they must be kept organized in a manner that is easy to keep up and that will not deter any buyers. If the first closet a potential buyer opens is neat and orderly, that will set the tone for the rest of the house that it has been maintained and well-cared for.

Cleaning A Market-Ready clean is far different from a standard residential clean. “Q-Tip Clean” is the rule of the thumb when it comes to cleaning a home before being listed. Home Buyer’s eye will be drawn to the places that are not looked at on a normal basis; ceilings, tops of light fixtures and ceiling fans, cabinets (such as under the sink), the refrigerator, baseboards and every nook and cranny in between. You never know where a potential buyer may look, so it is imperative that every inch of the home is clean and prepared to be inspected. By combining our extensive knowledge of proper products and incorporating our meticulous and experienced eye for detail, Distinguished Homes ensures the home not only looks clean but feels clean the moment you walk in the door. A clean house sells!

A Market Ready Consultation is the first crucial step to making sure a home sells quickly and at its highest value. To ensure you're helping your clients to the best of your capabilities, call to book your first Market Ready Consultation today!

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