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Tips for Using the 2022 Color of the Year!

There’s no question that green is going to be an important color in 2022. In order to utilize a green shade thro

ughout the home, the color needs to be versatile, a neutral base and a color that could be used on both the walls and on pieces of furniture such as end tables or cabinets. This green needed to work well with and complement metals, woods and other colors in order to earn it’s spot for “Color of the Year '' and that is where Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog comes in!

This paint color is a nice mix of green and grey with subtle hints of blue throughout that allows you to use it as an accent wall color for a unique pop or to use it on all four walls of a room without it being overpowering or too dark. Continue reading to learn where Evergreen Fog will look best in your home, what other colors can be used with Evergreen Fog and how to use the color with certain wood and metal finishes.


When choosing paint colors, it is important to keep a cohesive look throughout the entire home. You want to make sure that when moving from room to room, all of the colors flow easily and give off an overall feel of harmony. Evergreen Fog is a very warm and natural color that shows well with other earthy tones. When choosing other colors to use with Evergreen Fog, it is important to keep with that theme. Sherwin Williams has put together a nature-inspired palette of coordinating hues that when used together, create a warm, organic and modern feel when paired together. Some colors that are suggested for this pallet include:

Shoji White Urbane Bronze Accessible Beige Uber Umber Woven Wicker Bakelite Gold

If you are using Evergreen Fog as a wall color, using Accessible Beige for the trim color would be a nice contrast. If Evergreen Fog is the color of your cabinets in your kitchen, using Woven Wicker or Shoji White as the wall color would allow the cabinets to pop. If you are looking to use Evergreen Fog as the main wall color throughout your home but you are wanting to add a pop of color with an accent wall, using Uber Umber would be a great choice.

You can also use this palette as a guide when choosing decor for your home. Accents of Bakelite Gold (or similar colors) pieces will bring out the natural tones of Evergreen Fog in a living room setting.


When choosing light fixtures, cabinetry hardware, faucets and other metal items in your home, with Evergreen Fog as your main color, you will want to stick with Matte Black or variations of Gold and/or Silver to keep with the warm theme in your home. The plus with using Evergreen Fog is that you can get away with using a mixture of these metals throughout your space. A light champagne gold lighting fixture, matte-black faucet and cabinetry hardware with silver decorations in your kitchen against Evergreen Fog cabinets will all tie in well together and give you home a cozy feel.

When trying to match Evergreen Fog with different wood pieces, we suggest sticking with more natural woods. Evergreen Fog has the ability to draw out natural patterns and grains from lighter woods, therefore, try to avoid dark stains that can potentially bring out any reds or deeper hues from the wood.

Evergreen Fog is a great color to use when wanting to accent different textures as well. If you are using Evergreen Fog in a bathroom, mudroom or any other space that would incorporate tile, try to lean towards a rougher tile or even stone to accentuate the green, natural color.

Wherever you choose to incorporate Evergreen Fog in your home, rest assured that you will have a warm and cozy environment. Your home will be aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, you will be on-trend!

*Photos courtesy of Sherwin Williams*

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